CheMatech is a unique company in Europe specialized in the design and synthesis of chelators, particularly DOTA and NOTA derivatives precursors of MRI contrast agents, PET and SPECT tracers and therapeutic agents for radioimmunotherapy.

CheMatech activity is divided into three parts :

We offer to our clients unique products in the market which improve the efficiency of their researches. All of our products are in stock and we generally deliver within 24-72 h all over Europe and within one week in the rest of the world.

Keeping in mind that the cost of chemicals is a crucial point for our clients, we are trying to to offer our products to the best competitive prices.

We offer you our 30 years experience in the design and synthesis of chelating agents in producing new customized chelating agents from the hundred milligrams to kilogram scale.

Our reactive scientific team will be glad to answer your requests about new products, custom and large scale syntheses and use of our products.