Partners & Strategic alliances


Since 2005, CheMatech strongly collaborates with the Institute of Chemistry of the Université de  Bourgogne (ICMUB) in the field of syntheses and application of macrocyclic chelating agents, fluorescent probes and bioconjugation technologies. Joint research programs are ongoing and especially in the development of new synthetic tools for the synthesis of bifunctional chelating agents and multimodal probes.


Pharm’image® is a cross disciplinary project focused on the discovery and the use of biomarkers able to perform both treatment efficacy monitoring and selection of more relevant molecules. Pharm’image® links different fields : pharmacology, chemistry, informatics, electronics, physics, biology, nanotechnology and medicine.The project has applications in human health research especially in oncology, cardiology, neurology and immunology. Read more

CheMatech is partner of the FP7 MATHIAS project. the goal of this consortium is to develop of novel technology to diagnose and clinically treat invasive Aspergillus fumigatus infections. The approach of the consortium is to develop new disease specific tracers based on monoclonal antibodies along with molecular imaging technologies PET/MR and microscopy. Read more

CheMatech is a partner of the FP7 ITN ARGENT Project. The main objective of this consortium is to develop and propose to the society new tools and concepts for the improvement of cancer therapy treatments’. The ITN ARGENT strategy relies on i) improving our understanding of the processes and mechanisms underlying radiation damage on a nanoscopic level, ii) applying the improved know-how in the production and development of functionalised nanodrugs to amplify the effects of medical beams and iii) developing concepts and codes for clinical applications, taking into account the new information. Read more