P04000 – ανβ3 targeted nano-emulsion


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Catalogue Number P04000
Description Targeted contrast agent for angiogenesis molecular imaging. P04000 targets ανβ3 integrin over-expressed on the neo-vessels.Nano-emulsion containing iron oxide particles, designed for T2*w MR sequences
Main Applications Evaluation of angiogenesis status, evaluation of anti-tumoral treatment follow up based on ανβ3-expression
Molecular characteristics
–  Hydrodynamic size: diameter is 180 nm
–  Fe content: ~106 Fe atoms per particle
–  Integrin targeting: 3 500 RGD per particles
–  Recommended dose: 200 μmolFe/kg = 2.5 μL/g
Example: for a 30g body weight mouse, injection volume is 75 μL
–  Recommended imaging time: up to 1h post injection (unbound contrast agent cleared from the blood)
–  Contrast mechanism: susceptibility effect
–  Histology: Perl’s staining
–  In vitro quantification techniques: P04000 is a Fe-based contrast agent. Thus, it is necessary to take into account the endogenous iron content for quantification in biological media by ICP-AES or ICP-MS. Another way for USPIO quantification is relaxometry, which is poorly sensitive to endogenous iron content.
Characteristics of the vial
–  Concentration: [Fe] = 4.47 mgFe/mL – [Fe] = 80 mmol/L (MFe=56 g/mol)
–  Volume: 450 μL (5 mice dose approx.)
–  Other animal species: contact us
Storage Need to be stored at 4°C in a closed vial away from light
Notes For in vitro or animal use only
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